Laboratory Equipments

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) TM 3000 Hitachi with SwiftED 3000 X-Ray Microanalysis

The TM3000 is the advanced next-generation tabletop electron microscope from Hitachi. In addition to high-magnification observations, the TM3000 is equipped with SwiftED 3000 X-Ray Microanalysis which can be used for analysis of the elements in the sample.


BioImaging Navigator FSX100 Olympus

The FSX100 all-in-one microscope provides a compact, innovative plug-and-play solution for bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy. The FSX100 combines the highest quality, state-of-the-art hardware and smart and intuitive user-friendly software that guides the user to brilliant images. The intuitive nature of the software means that the FSX100 is an ideal multi-user microscope. From automated, to motorized, to closed-box, the FSX100 suits a variety of different system configurations. Observation methods : Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitation), Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitation),
Phase Contrast, Brightfield.

Motorized Microscope BX53 Olympus (Integrated with Monitor)

The Olympus BX53-P polarizing microscope provides superb performance in polarized light applications using a combination of UIS2 infinity-corrected optics and a distinctive optical design. An extended line of compatible compensators make the BX53-P microscope versatile enough to handle observation and measuring applications in virtually any field.

DCODE system for DGGE analysis

The DCode system is a vertical electrophoresis instrument for the detection of gene mutations. The DCode system can be used to perform any vertical gel-based mutation detection method. The system is optimized for DGGE, CDGE, TTGE, SSCP, PTT and Heteroduplex Analysis.

Rotor Gene RT-PCR (Real Time) and Rapid PCR Setup (with Robotic Arm)

The real-time PCR-cycler Rotor-Gene Q is designed to be used for real-time and end-point thermal cycling using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and high-resolution melting analysis (HMR) for various molecular biology applications. It has a unique design with a rotor that spins the samples, which minimizes the optical and thermal variation. The instrument’s stability in combination with its fast ramping rates and short equilibrium times renders Rotor-Gene Q highly suitable for fast, sensitive and accurate quantitative analyses.

LSR C1000 Touch BIO-RAD

The C100 Touch Thermal Cycler supports interchangeable reaction modules, including two optical modules for real time-PCR that swap in seconds without requiring tools.

SmartSpec Plus Spectrophotometer

The UV/visible SmartSpec Plus spectrophotomer has a working wavelength range of 200–800 nm. It is the perfect tool for routine applications such as:

  • Quantitation of DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides
  • Quantitation of proteins via the Bradford, Lowry, and BCA assay methods
  • Monitoring bacterial culture growth
  • Simple kinetic assays
  • Wavelength scans with peak detection

Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Microtome

The Accu-Cut® SRM™ 200 Rotary Microtome is a reliable manual rotary microtome developed for all applications of paraffin and hard specimens in clinical, research, and industrial laboratories.The Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Microtome ensures secure, precise positioning of a specimen block with universal cassette and orientation clamps while facilitating exact, rapid trimming via a trimming lever, which enables specimen advancement of 10 or 50 microns.

Tissue Tek TEC-5


The Sakura Tissue-Tek TEC 5 embedding station provides a compact, single workstation that enables both specimen orientation and paraffin embedding. The Tissue-Tek TEC 5 Embedding Station is designed to optimize operator control and efficiency, improving workflow during the tissue embedding process. It can be customized to user preferences by placing the TEC 5 modules in a left-to-right or right-to-left arrangement for optimal workflow.

Metabolic Cage

Cages are available for single mouse (with single chamber feeder), for grouped mice (with double chamber feeder); for rats. Designed to minimize animal stress: drawer-style design for easy filling; all the components below the cage floor can be removed without disturbing the animals.

Individual Cage

Ideal for: animal transportation, quarantine, stock contingency caging, temporary housing solutions, irradiation studies, and much more.

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